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Over 10 years in business


1. In 2003, Rodney at Premier Lawn Services took over the Lawn Maintenance and mulching of my personal and commercial properties including Buenavista Restaurant. Premier Lawn Services has proven that my properties will be professionally maintained as agreed on, without ever having to call and ask when it will be serviced, or wonder IF it will be. It is such a relief to know that I have found a company I can trust to show up when and where they say they will for over 10 years.
~ Glen Garcia ~

2. Two years ago, Premier Lawn Services began my scheduled lawn maintenance and hedge trimming. Since then Lee, Rayne, and Rodney have shown all the dedication to my yard that I could ask for. I can recommend them as being timely and stopping and doing extra things they are asked to do.
~ D. Jett ~

3. I am so thankful to have found an individual who takes my small yard as seriously as I do! Always willing to do what I want and to perfection! Thank you Rodney! I can always count on you!
~ LBray ~

We guarantee quality workmanship.

At Premier Lawn Services we believe that quality work speaks for itself. We pride ourselves in performing our services to the best of our ability, and customer service comes first and foremost.